The Rambling Millennial: Let’s Talk About 2015 – The Year of the Cliché Life Lesson

It’s clearly been a decade since we last spoke…let’s break it down yo. You Should’ve Known That By Now, Bro I think the most cliche lesson that I’ve genuinely learned this year is; don’t say, do. This year, I did … Continue reading

The Rambling Millennial – Let’s Talk About the Red Dress Run

Hey folks, I hope you enjoyed the first installment of this little project. This is gonna be a brief one as I want to just elaborate on my last statements about the Big Easy.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering if there’s any truth to my claims of a wildly white New Orleans being ushered in at an alarming rate. So, I wanted to post just after one of New Orleans’ favorite annual events, The Dress Run. The Red Dress Run is a mini marathon race, that features men and women pretending to race for about 4 hours, then spending about the next 10-12 hours drinking, and like a lot of things in the Big Easy, it started out as a charity, a charity benefiting breast cancer research. However, in true New Orleans fashion, it eventually morphed into all day drinking marathon.

Once again, I wish I could say that this was one of the exceptions, and you could go out and finally experience that ever elusive melting pot that is the Big Easy, especially given that most of the people who participate in this event, don’t even register for the event and just put on a red dress and get drunk, but nah, it’s as Lilly white as ever. Lol.

Yet again, an exemplary example of just how white our fair city has become. Once more, even the website’s main page and advertisements look like ads for a Kenny Chesney concert. Yet again, we are left wondering, “Where in God’s name are all the black people?”




The organization doesn’t even appear to care to make the event even look all-inclusive. Not. One. Brown. Person. In. One. Ad. Hell, Solange (yes, Bey’s sister), recorded a video to her instagram titled “my front yard” the day of the event  featuring the swarms of people walking in front of her French Quarter home and not ONE brown face walks by. ROFL.

I know this STILL won’t be enough to convince you. But.

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