Not All White People

Every day, I am more convinced that white people genuinely have absolutely no idea how overwhelmingly powerful whiteness is. Or how incredibly draining it is to be forced to interact with it every day.

This is only evidenced by white people’s never unamusing responses to black people’s insight on race.

While the violent responses such as denial and mockery are things we often shed a light on. I think the real elephant in the room are white folks who constantly feel need to affirm to themselves and others that they are not like those deplorable white people.

We Get it, Matt, White People suck, so can y’all cool it with all the “white people are the worst” propaganda…cause like, we get it

Do you though, Steve? It is these responses that worry me the most. Because if well meaning white people really understood just where their whiteness has placed them in society; they wouldn’t feel the need to feel so personally attacked by the revelations that racial inequality show us every day. And I’m personally of the opinion that many white people understand that the playing fields aren’t leveled and that they’ve been given an advantage they had no choice in accepting, they just don’t want the responsibility of fixing it.

But shouldn’t it be enough just knowing?

It isn’t, Tom.

All being aware does for white people is help their fragile egos and consciouses. White guilt or non guilt does nothing to mend the disparities that plague the black experience.

Saying, “But I’m not racist”, whilst literally doing nothing to dismantle the racism around you, is a privilege only held by white people in America.

What Does that Mean?

Personally “not being racist” but allowing your family or family members to maintain racist ideals or practices, is racist. Overhearing a coworker say something bigoted or racist and allowing it go unaddressed, is racist. Witnessing an unlawful arrest of a black body and declining to use your whiteness to save a life, is an act of violence, and racist.

You may think that sounds like a lot of responsibility, that you didn’t ask for. It is. But you must take responsibility for it, if you find it important to you to not be labeled as racist. Because all of those actions and inactions mentioned earlier, strengthen the structures of racism and white supremacy in America. Undeniably.

You may not retreat into your whiteness when the critiques of whiteness and the power it has, become too “pointed” for you. That is a luxury a person of color will never have. And many of you exercise that privilege on the daily.

White people must educate themselves on the real history of race and race relations in America. If you are to be of real aid in the fight for equality.

It Just Sounds Like a lot to Ask for a Problem I didn’t Cause.

That’s cool and all, Rick. And I even understand why you’d feel like that. You’re wrong but I get it. While you didn’t create the problem. You benefit from the imbalance, and you know it. You just don’t wanna hear about it constantly. And that’s totally cool. You’re just racist. There is no part time “woke”. People lose their lives like that.

There is No Ambiguity, You’re Either Racist or You Aren’t

Stop expecting and looking to black and people of color to validate your non racism. It’s exhausting and useless, it only benefits you. Stop policing your black friends on how they talk about white people and white racism. Critique the people their depicting. Even if that includes yourself. These are the remedies. Every thing else is noise.

If it seems unclear. Either shut up about it not being all white people and just go be racist in your corner. Or listen, learn and tell your friends. Ain’t nobody got time to be making white folks feel better about the racism they benefit from.

White People’s hurt feelings are not racism. They never will be. White people’s discomfort, is not racism. Critiques of white culture and white fragility, is not racism.

White people do not and can not experience racism.

And honestly. You’re blessed because you don’t have to wade through that water. Stop pretending that you’re drowning when others are only trying to get in the boat.


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