Taylor Swift: Are We Hating or Does She Need to Stop?

She need to stop.

This may sound like hateration. Lol. But ain’t nobody got time for that. Ms. Girl is literally just a bowl of bran flakes.

Oh, no, Matt, not Taylor, She’s a Nice Lady

Yes, Taylor. Taylor Swift is living, breathing proof of America’s never ending obsession with mediocrity. More so, she’s proof that black women will never be enough.

The inequity is simply too glaring to ignore.

The Fucking Grammys

A lot of us already knew the Grammys were trash. But let’s dive in this shit.

Did you know Taylor Swift has more Grammys than;

Mariah Carey. Whitney Houston. Missy Elliot. Janet Jackson. Mary J. Blige. Lauryn Hill. Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. Family. Taylor Swift even has more Grammys than Prince. Fucking Prince. Throw the whole academy away. Today. I know we’re talking about Black Women but I had to throw that in to drive the point home.

No matter how talented black girls are, they are constantly reminded that someone, somewhere thinks a white girl is doing it better.

When it’s just simply, wildly untrue.

These Women Are Literally Just Better at Music

They are better singers. They are better songwriters. Better performers. And harder workers. These may sound like opinions. But they’re actual factuals. Especially when you judge them on the criteria people insist on giving Taylor accolades for.


Something black women are always looked over for.

Mariah Carey has 18 number one singles (more than any woman OR man) and she literally wrote all of them. Every. Single. One. From Fantasy to We Belong Together. Lauryn Hill wrote all your favorite Miseducation bops. Mary J. Fucking Blige. The literal songwriting goat, needs no explanation.

However, if I had a dollar fo every time someone offers a critique of Taylor, before you can even get the words fully off your lips, someone yells “WELL AT LEAST SHE WRITES HER OWN STUFF.” Who cares. They’re mediocre and written at a 3rd grade reading level. Literally every thing she’s ever written is the same song written to slightly different melodies. Fight me.


Taylor Swift has been out here unapologetically missing notes since the conception of her career.

Why doesn’t it ever bother white people when some of the most famous “singers” in the entire world, aren’t that great singing?? ~looks at Britney Spears~

It’s almost like you don’t even care. Which should immediately invalidate your ability to judge anything, in my humble opinion.

So lemme tell you, if someone is going to have more Grammys than Whitney GODDAMN Houston, they better be out here shouting the damn stadium down. She is not.

Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston are three of the most talented people (not women but people) to ever pick up a microphone. And y’all honestly out here thinking Swiftly is some how comparable. A lot of y’all even find it endearing that she doesn’t sing that well. Probably because it makes her relatable to you. Yet again telling, Black Girls; we know you’re better, we just don’t care.


Y’all. You’re probably thinking that “well, she can’t sing, her lyrics are meh, she must put on a hell of a show.” She doesn’t. It’s almost like she’s always waiting for Kanye to show up to snatch her mic again. It’s literally a bunch of hair swinging and awkward dance breaks/jumping around. Then she sits at a piano and everyone goes “Awe, she’s so talented.”

Familia. Aretha Franklin has been playing the piano on all of her records since 19fucking60.

Pop music and dance routines go together like Lindsay and cocaine. They’re synonymous. Can Taylor dance? No. Do you care? No. Yet again, you find it endearing.

Leaving the question; what the fuck are y’all going to see her do??? Beyoncé and Janet Jackson out here doing Taebo on stage for 2.5 hours to get people in seats. And y’all go watch this girl swing hair and not sing, then lose your damn minds. Fucking stop.

September is Cancelled. Thanks, Taylor

My girl managed to get a whole calendar month removed from 2018. True talent. In case you missed it, (luck you) Ms. Swift released a cover song of the American classic September a little while ago……and…..black aunties every where wept.

Fam. It’s literally laughably bad. Unapologetically bad. Yet again. Y’all. Don’t. Care. She can do no wrong. It’s almost like she’s trying to expose herself and y’all keep turning your damn heads. I would add a link to her cover. But I don’t wanna be responsible for any one else’s wasted time.

You can however peep the original track and then judge for yourselves because google is too real out here.

What Do Black Girls Have to Do to Get Their Props

I wish I knew, y’all. Because being more talented is clearly not the answer. It genuinely hurts my soul that Ms. Swift if synonymous with excellence for a lot of folks. When she simply isn’t. And she didn’t have to do hardly anything to earn that title. When so many of the women named here have spent their lives and careers perfecting their crafts and skills.

Can y’all please tell me what Taylor has perfected??

I have seen perfection. And her name is Beyoncé.


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