How Would White Gays Ever Convey Emotion without Images of Black Women?

Hey again, fam. Hope y’all are still learning and giggling from that installment. I hope you didn’t glue your wigs back in yet, cause I’m snatching em again.

Let’s talk about digital black face.

Sweet Jesus. Did y’all feel that?? I could feel the collective eye roll from the white gay delegation through this damn screen.

I know what you’re thinking, oh my god, no, don’t do this. Don’t take it. What we will have if we can’t use that gif of Nene Leaks when someone tags us in something on Facebook and we need to let them know we thought it was hilarious?! You can’t take everything from us.

Do You Ever Get Tired of Being this Mad?


So let’s unpack just a little bit. Because I think we have an obligation to keep you guys accountable for your behavior. Once again, I know what y’all are thinking. Pleaseeee don’t take this away. What we will have left? I hate to break it to you guys. But that’s not our problem. “Take it to the Altar, we are no responsible for your feelings.”

Let’s Talk About Black Face

What is black face? Black face is a form of theatrical makeup used my predominantly non-black people to represent a caricature of a black person. Black face performers used the makeup to put on performances where they depicted black people as overly animated buffoons. With over exaggerated reactions to literally everything. Be it sad, happy, excited, or scared etc…

Basically forming the stereotype that black people never have “normal” reactions to anything. That remains prevalent to this very day.

We Knew What Black Face Was, Condescending Black Man. How in the Fuck is it the Same as my Favorite Oprah Meme??

Well, I’m glad you asked, Tom. You’re literally using that image of Oprah to convey your over exaggerated emotion. Reinforcing the idea that black people, namely, black women, are over dramatic and animated.

I know what you’re thinking, guys. Say what you want Matt, but I’m still going to use that Whitney Houston gif “show me me the receipts” when someone spills tea on the internet.

But what y’all need to understand, is that black people are 100% in charge of how we want to be represented. And if we’ve decided that we don’t want to constantly see ourselves portrayed as dramatic fools. We have that right. Especially by people who would post things like, ” I don’t date black guys, but I’m NOT RACIST.” And then immediately drop a gif of Nene Leaks saying “I said what I said” when someone challenges that. Then watching that irony go completely over your fucking heads. Like, I don’t find anyone who looks like you attractive, but I will use your image and culture any way I want to. Nah, boys, not today. Not no more.

Black Women Have More Than Enough on Their Plates without Your Ass Thinking Everything She Does is Hilarious and Sassy

Guys. The use of these images only reinforces the idea, that many white gays have, which is that they have a strong, black woman inside of them. You don’t. And you never will. And using Wendy Williams to be sassy on the internet won’t ever get you there. You have no idea what it’s like to be a black girl.

“The most unprotected person in America is the black woman” – Malcom X

We Don’t Hate You. Just do Better. Every Day

Family. I hope you realize that we can be critical of white culture without hating white people. Because our lives and minds depend on your respecting us and our culture.

I’m sorry white people aren’t funny and you can’t use gifs and memes from your own culture. But leave our black asses out of it.


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