Why Is Everyone So Annoyed with White Gays and White Women

I feel like white women and white gays might be feeling a little attacked right now. And my response to that? Good. You should. Y’all are problematic as fuck. And have been for quite some time. I do wanna say that attacked is a punch line, but y’all are being put on notice.

Guys. The entire country caters to your needs. And how do you react to that fact? You pretend not to notice. Further, much of the problem stems from your not seeing/noticing that fact. Mainly because you’ve been conditioned not to see it. You’ve spent your existences interpreting it as the status quo. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Because it is.

Let’s Break it Down

Firstly, let’s establish that no one hates white gay men or white women. However, many people, including myself, believe it’s time you all take ownership and responsibility for your places in society. And realize and come to terms with the space you occupy and how incredible it is. Especially compared to other minorities. Many of whom a lot of you constantly compare yourselves to.

If I had a nickel for every time a person of color was speaking on the injustices and oppression we endure, and a white gay or white woman interjected with “well you know as a woman…” or “as a gay man…I understand….”. Nothing can ever just be about us. Someone always has to compare.

As if your status as a gay man or woman some how negates the incredible privilege you benefit from as a white person in America. Again. Your status as a “minority” does NOT over shadow your privilege as a white person.

I know this may still feel like an attack. But y’all need to know this. You’ve been allowed to be in the dark far too long.

We Really Ain’t Gotta Go Back that Far to See Where the Problems Start

Intersectionality. If you were to Google that word, it would tell you that it meant “the intersectional nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.”

So now that we know what intersectionality is; I hate to break it to you guys, but your communities have never had it….ever.

Wait. What Do You Mean, Angry Black Man?

A convenient fact often left out of the history books regarding the women’s suffrage movement, is that one of its most famous champions, Susan B. Anthony, was an…insufferable racist. Famously stating “I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ask for the ballot for the Negro, before the woman”. I think what’s most important to realize with that statement is that, Anthony, a women’s rights activist, didn’t believe Black Women were….women. This trend as maintained well into today’s culture.

Don’t Worry Gays…You’re Not Off the Hook

Let’s talk about gay rights. “White gay culture has this remarkable ability to make any man who happens to be white, gay, and alive a hero.” This has been a phenomenon since the days of Harvey Milk. Y’all, Harvey Milk actively placed gay, POC on the back burner because he thought it would hurt the chance for equality. Sylvia Rivera famously warned, after that decision was made, that if we didn’t refocus the movement, it would become a movement for white men and no one else. And 40 years, she was exactly right. And once again, white gays are wildly unaware because of organizations like HRC who are brilliant at the art of the illusion of inclusion.

What I’m getting at here, fam, is that white gay men and women, gained their acceptance into society at the expense of people of color and the transgender community. Again, Harvey Milk actively played up his white man-mess at many of his rallies, often stating that he was “just like” his white counterparts, only that he liked men. That trend has yet to end.

The World of Entertainment Literally Revolves Around Your Interests and Lives

Friends. Queer as Folk. Sex and the City. Will and Grace. Modern Family. Only to name a few. What makes these shows so incredible is that they’re wildly, unapologetically white. And completely non relatable unless you’re white and gay or a white woman. Also. Friends, Sex and the City, and Will and Grace managed to be set in the middle of New York and still some how managed to feature zero black people. Which is laughable at best.

Y’all even almost every single major pop star is a white woman. Music is completely catered to you. The sound the lyrics, all of it. Every single person the white gays decide is a gay icon….white. The list goes on and on and on and on. Britney Spears. Madonna. Cher. Rachel Maddow. Anderson Cooper. Sam Smith. Adele.

Once again, I sincerely understand why this may be overwhelming and frustrating to hear and understand. And you’ve never noticed how white all those things are because you’ve been conditioned not to. When you constantly see yourself in everything, it’s nearly impossible to notice when no one else is there. So let me tell you, every thing is about you.

Hillary Clinton: The Savior of White Women and White Gays Every Where

Oh my God. Hillary Clinton. She’s probably my favorite talking point when pointing out how out of touch your communities and cultures are with every one else. Your unwavering support of this woman is both laughable and unbelievably annoying. It is also living, breathing proof of the lack of intersectionality of both of your communities. Once again, they have been conditioned to be that way. The unwillingness of both demographics to acknowledge and address the problems people of color had with Hillary Clinton spoke volumes to us. And it was disappointing and disenchanting.

Mrs. Clinton’s unbridled support of her husband’s crime bill led to the incarceration of hundreds of thousands black and brown bodies. People are in jail till this very day because of it. And white gays and white women had no problems at all looking past all of that and many other issues like them because OMFG GOD NOT TRUMP. Completely disregarding POC’s feelings and experiences involving Mrs. Clinton.

She changed her position on gay marriage and y’all haven’t given a fuck about anything she’s done since. Because it doesn’t and didn’t affect you.

Lucy, You’ve Got Some Thinking to do

Guys, what I honestly hope you get from this is that you really consider why other minorities don’t feel included in your communities and you realize the power you have in America. Like. It’s cool you like Beyoncé. But it’s not enough anymore. And until you genuinely take a look at the space you occupy and make room for other people. All of this will always feel like an attack.


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